HologramUSA TelePresence™ is a bit of a ground breaker. Through our partnering with major telecom carriers like Cisco, BT, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and EE, you can transmit full-size holographic people and objects in real-time without any significant delay in communication.

It is a system used by celebrities, time-pressed executives and public figures like Narendra Modi, our Guinness World Record winning project, which saw the Indian politician deliver a 55-minute campaign speech to 53 different audiences simultaneously.

HologramUSA TelePresence has a long successful legacy. First we started with a broadcast live across London, then the UK, the Atlantic, and finally multiple continents with executives beaming in from different locations. With every development it’s become more cost effective and convincing for your business’ benefit.

HologramUSA TelePresence is the future of communication and promises less travel, more effective meetings/presentations, cost savings, time efficiency improvements, a greater response to what you’re saying and the ability for your organisation to make an incredible impact on its audience.

Imagine bringing a world famous artist to cinemas to perform holographically or families into the same room from across the world. Then there’s the work we’re doing with the world’s leading motion capture companies. Picture an iconic animated character walking on stage to conduct a live TV interview – that’s possible with HologramUSA TelePresence.

All you need to make the magic is HologramUSA’s Eyeliner technology, a filming space, a high bandwidth connection and you’re good to go. Getting together has never been so easy.

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